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My name is Nadija Szram operating as Artlantia Galleria.

I was not always an artist and my University Masters degree is in Special Education and early childhood education. I worked as a teacher for many years and as an Operations Manager for half a decade. For another decade I managed an art gallery and worked as a project coordinator for an arts council, where I was involved with many artists, organized many shows, sold a lot of art but never created it.

Five years ago I went through a serious, almost terminal health issue that led to a shift and complete turnaround in my life journey.

On July 4, 2016 I took an online embossing workshop that led to the birth of my artistic path. From that day forward I began spontaneously painting, creating and have embraced the artistic process full time.

I am constantly experimenting with textures, techniques of luminosity, color plays and shifts of perception. My signature style is creating a piece that behaves differently in the changing lights of the day, including the evening. This mimics what happens in the natural environment and adds a dimensionality to the piece that is shifting and not static.

The natural and urban environment inspires a lot of my art especially in the use of florescent paint that pops up in pieces and yet fits in with the natural environment.

Abstract art is the vehicle that carries the message I want to convey to the viewer - that beauty and an uplifting space can combat the pain and suffering in the world if only for a short time or a moment. When lifted out of it, there is an opportunity for transformation into a higher perception, a higher dimension and a new way of thinking and seeing. There is no limitation to abstract art as to what and where it can go and the effects it can achieve on the viewer, whether the effect is “did you just throw paint on the canvas and call it art?” or “wow that piece is so beautiful I can’t stop staring at it. It’s mesmerizing”. Both opinions are valid and necessary and have achieved a result.

I have studied and am aware of the effect that color has on our bodies, on child development, sparking creativity and the effect that color can have in our everyday lives and how it can influence our mood and perception.

Colors have the ability to capture our attention with their versatility, their tones, hues, and sheen. Bold expressive colors play together on the canvas, enhancing each other, elevating the room to another level, whether it’s lifting, calming or unifying the space.

Art has an enduring quality that persists no matter what is happening in the world around it - it's steadfast in continuing to do its job.

When I paint, I strive to get my mind out of the way and let the creative flow come through the paint onto the canvas. When this happens, there is spontaneity and freshness to the piece that can't be achieved otherwise. The painting is the product of that process.

When I paint, I strive to get my mind out of the way and let the creative flow come through the paint onto the canvas. This is what artists mean when they say, the painting leads where it wants to go. When that happens, there is a spontaneity and a freshness to the piece that can't be achieved otherwise. While painting, I am aware that it is not for myself but for someone that will ultimately enjoy it, enhancing their space and elevating it as original art can do.

Why should you buy my art?
My aim is to bring something uplifting into your space that continues to bring you whatever it was that you fell in love with when you first saw it. Then I know I'm doing my job as an artist.

  • I use professional grade quality 100% cotton canvas, primed with layers of acid free gesso.

    Why is this important? Your painting is an investment and this ensures the longevity of your art and will look good for decades. Paint behaves differently on high grade canvas; it clings better, the color saturation is richer and it won't crack or fall off.

  • I use the best quality paints and don't cut corners or buy a lesser quality.

    Professional grade canvas and paint is surprisingly expensive but the final results are worth it.

  • I paint with attention to detail and how the piece will look in the different lights of the day.

    This reveals "surprises" as the light changes and leads to more enjoyment of your piece.

  • I use a 1.5 inch profile almost exclusively and paint out the sides with a continuation of the design or a matching color.

    This is more work for the artist but it enables my collectors to hang the painting right way without the added initial expense of a frame.

  • My signature style is to apply texture first, letting it dry before painting.

    This adds another layer of interest, unique dimensional features and enhances the painting and allows for shifting qualities of the paint.

  • Many pieces are embellished with fluorescent paints, metallic leafs (gold, copper silver), iridescent paints or interference paints.

    The downside is that they do not photograph well and most photos do not capture the true beauty of the painting. I consider these the "bling" on a painting and have spent many years developing my style and keeping the painting in the realm of fine art.

  • Typically the colors I use are bold and vivid.

    This perhaps reflects my many years as a learning remediation teacher and finding great success by stimulating the brain with color. Additionally chakras are stimulated with color and color is used by healers in almost every culture.

  • I'm attentive to details from the production of the art to the final varnishing.

    This produces the best quality art for you to enjoy and marvel at for years to come.

  • Don't see a piece that speaks to you or isn't in your style?

    Sign up for my art consulting. I have access to many reputable artists and can guarantee to find you that special piece that won't depreciate in value and will build your collection. I have many years of experience in selling art and art consulting. Whether a beginning or serious collector, I can help. Inquire by e-mail and I will be happy to assist you and answer any questions. It's free and no obligation to inquire.

I would love to hear from you

Feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments you may have. Inquiries are always welcome!