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Portraits and Abstract Art by Vancouver artist Nadija Szram


Portrait commissions require a 50% non refundable deposit and the price is based on what design elements are included, where the head only, is one design element, whereas a full figure is 2 design elements. A background is 3 design elements and so on. The background design elements can be as intricate or simple as desired. Size also factors in the price. A few photos of the subject is ideal, including the view that is desired. The additional views are to get a sense of the facial contours and body shape.

The concept of the painting will be fully discussed before it begins. Information about the subject such as personality, favorite colors, interests, the dress or costume to be portrayed in, will be discussed and once the vision is established, an agreement signed by both parties, and the deposit paid, I will begin painting.

If the portrait is for a special occasion, the booking must allow for 6 to 8 weeks to not only paint the piece but also to allow for drying time. Even with acrylic, there can be at least 4 to 6 weeks drying time depending on elements such as heavy texture, gold leaf, collaged papers, to name a few. Once the piece is dry, a protective UV coating will be applied.

You will be kept in touch about the piece and emailed photos. Small changes can be made up until the completion of the painting. Major design changes won't be possible without renegotiation of the price. Once it is completed and signed off, the final deposit must be paid before shipping or local pickup. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client and will be added to the final deposit.

Portrait commissions are not returnable. It is the responsibility of the client to communicate whether they are happy with the likeness or other elements before the piece is completed and signed off on.


Abstract Art

Much like portrait commissions, abstract art commissions will be discussed to get an idea of the concept, colors, what space it will be in, size, and any preferences. Photos of the space where it will be displayed are ideal in order to paint a custom piece that fits in and complements the space. Also photos that add to a story board are additionally helpful; these do not need to be professional photos.

Once the client is happy with the concept, we will sign an agreement outlining the terms and a 50% non refundable deposit is required for the project to begin. Once the piece is completed, and any changes made, the final payment is due before it is shipped. Shipping charges will be added to the final payment.

Upon receiving the piece, in the event that the client isn't satisfied, an exchange can be made for an existing piece of artwork in the artists collection, of equal value. A full refund will not be possible. Any shipping costs will be the responsibility of the client and must be returned in the original packaging and in the original condition.


I would love to hear from you

Feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments you have.