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Original Canvas
Original abstract paintings by Vancouver-based artist Nadija Szram.

To understand the beauty of original art - has to be experienced. It is unlike anything else.

Original Art is experiential in that it is not a static piece of art. Especially with modern techniques such as texture, layers of paint, iridescent, fluorescent, interference paints, color washes, metallic leafs, to name a few, the painting can have more than one dimension and differing appearances depending on the lighting and the changing lights of the day. I am always experimenting with elements and techniques and finding ways to incorporate unusual materials into a painting. These add to the allure of a painting and invite close up views and sensory experience. While still staying in the realm of fine art, my aim is to extend the enjoyment of the painting and its ability to fit into any decorating style.

I use bold expressive colors in many of my paintings but am able to paint in any color combination to suit your decorating style. See the Commissions section to see what is possible.

For your convenience my original canvases are grouped into three collections depending on the size of your space or the size of the statement you are looking to make.

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Mid-Size Art

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Large Format Art

I would love to hear from you

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