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Art Cards
One-of-a-Kind Original Works by Vancouver artist Nadija Szram.
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The art cards were developed after taking an embossing workshop where I learned to hand emboss copper, brass and faux gold disks. While experimenting how to incorporate the embossing into an art form, the cards came into being.

The process to produce these one of a kind original works on Strathmore paper, begins with quality papers that I paint with many layers of luminous metallic paints, layered with texture and/or gold leafed to produce unique effects. These are then cut and arranged in graphic designs.

Each card features a hand drawn (embossed) metallic disk with my original designs and some are finished with twisted copper wire or a line of uplifting text. Japanese chiyogami papers are also incorporated in each unique card design. Card designs may be similar but never copied exactly or repeated. Each card is a unique piece of art.

These make a wonderful gift framed as a piece of art. Each card fits a standard 5" x 7" frame. A matching deckle edge envelope is included and cards are blank inside, ready for any occasion. The cards are initialed on the front and titled and signed on the back along with an explanation of the process.

Many delighted buyers have reported framing these and hanging on the wall or standing them on a side table.

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